Due 2 – Effective Reminders

I recently started using Due in conjunction with my task manager of choice, Things 3. The thing that Due gives me that Things does not is the persistent reminders that it gives me. This means that if I set a task, it constantly reminds me to complete the task until I mark it as done, and this is incredibly effective if you want to remember to do something, and get reminded until you do it.

Due has a lot more to it than persistent reminders however, including timers, snoozing from notifications, and a lot more.

The user experience with Due is great – when you set a task, you can easily set the due date and time, and also customise how often the app will send you a notification for a task, which ranges from every 1 to 60 minutes. The time picker with 12 preset customisable times allows you to quickly and easily change the time you want to do a task, and you can also access this time picker if you swipe down on a notification so you can easily snooze a task without even opening the app. If you don’t want to use the time picker, Due also has natural language parsing, allowing you to simply type when you want the task to be due for.

The time picker.

Due also has timers built into the app – you can create timers for tasks you often do – such as making a coffee – and these timers can be reused. The timers feature is simply what it states, and there’s not much more to it.

If you do a task every week, such as washing a car, you can set reminders to repeat. So, every week at the same time you will be reminded to complete the weekly task. If you do things such as weekly reviews, this will come in handy. Due will also constantly remind you to do the task just as it does with non repeating reminders.

Tasks and timers sync over iCloud or Dropbox to your other devices, and no account is required to synchronise. This being said, Due also works great offline.

For people who like dark modes, Due has a dark mode that you can switch to at night or if you prefer it over white themes.

So, should you get Due? If you want to get constantly reminded to complete a task, definitely. Due’s USP is the fact that it constantly reminds you to complete a task, and if you are looking for that it is the perfect app for you.

Due is available on the App Store for £4.99.