Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone X Case Review

I’ve been using this case since I got the iPhone X before the start of the year, and it has held up very well over the seven months of hard daily use since I’ve had it. I’ve dropped the phone multiple times since I got it, and the case has done a great job of protecting the phone and preventing the front or back glass from getting damaged, whilst still maintaining the sleek look of the caseless phone.

The standout feature of this case is the air pockets that each corner of the phone has. These act as a buffer when you drop the phone, and mean that there is space between the hard surface and the edge of the phone. This means that if you drop your phone on its edge, the air pockets will take up some of the impact and protect your phone further.

The edge of the case is a solid rubberized material that snaps onto your phone and keeps it secure, and covers your power and volume buttons with a thin piece of rubber to protect them. The rubber is easy to grip and makes sure that your phone doesn’t slip out of your hand – something that may well happen if you are using the iPhone X without a case due to the glass back.

The back of the case is thin enough to allow wireless charging. The case is simple and doesn’t offer any other additional features, which is something I like as it means it looks better and there are less things that could break.

After my seven months of use, the coating has smoothed off in places that often have friction applied such as the edges when I put it in my pocket, but this is barely noticeable. The back of the case is a solid high quality plastic, so you can still see the back of your phone.

I have found that the case gets dusty quite easily – dust gets into the back between the glass and the plastic, so you can have a few white specs that you need to clean out every now and then if you want to keep the case in top condition. Other than that, I have had no issues with the case, and it continues to protect my phone excellently.

If you are looking for a case for your iPhone X, or another iPhone such as the 8, I really recommend the Spigen Ultra Hybrid. The case works and looks excellent and it provides great protection for your phone.

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid case is £8.99 on Amazon.

spigen-ultra-hybridA brilliant case for a low price. If you want a case for your phone, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid is a brilliant choice.