Aukey LT-T6 Lamp Review

Aukey make a wide variety of products, including lamps. The Aukey LT-T6 table lamp features a touch sensitive bottom metal base, which you can use to switch the lamp into different colours or different levels of brightness. The Aukey LT-T6 is a great option for those looking for a lamp that also features different lighting colours.

The Aukey lamps standout feature is the touch activation – simply tapping on the metal base allows you to turn on the light, and scroll through three levels of brightness before switching it off again. This is great as it allows you to quickly toggle the lamp on and off at night when you are tired. However, you have to cycle through three levels of brightness to switch it off, so if you do this at night it can be a little annoying to have to go through the brightest light mode.

The lamp has three modes of brightness, one ranging from dim, to one that can light your whole room. As mentioned above, these can be used by tapping the metal base and cycling through the various lighting levels.

Another feature of the lamp is the colour picker, that scrolls through a large selection of colours from the red, green and blue spectrum, and you can tap the base in order to pause on your favourite colour. Tap the base again to resume scrolling through the colours, and then hold down on the base for three seconds to switch the light off again.

The Aukey lamp is a really nice addition to your room – with a 360º lighting angle, the light can easily light up your entire room. As the lamp is touch sensitive, you can easily activate it from anywhere too by just touching the metal base.

In the package everything you need for the lamp is provided, including the plug. The lamp also has a 24 month warranty, meaning that if it breaks you can check to see if you are covered.

The Aukey LT-T6 lamp is £29.99 on Amazon (at time of writing).