Agenda for iOS Review

Agenda is a note-taking app with a twist – it combines task management and scheduling with notes, and also integrates with your calendar. The app revolves around projects, allowing you to make notes, and add them to the Agenda view, or schedule them for later.

Agenda looks great and fits well into the iOS look. Agenda has both a Mac and an iOS version, so you’ll be able to access your notes on both your computer and on your phone. I’ll be looking at the iOS version of the app.

Agenda has a basic yet powerful layout, based on panels. The left panel shows you your categories and your projects in those categories, along with tags you have pinned. The main panel shows you your notes, and allows you to add them to the agenda, along with scheduling them so they show up in the today view. You can also tap into the notes to edit them. On the right panel, you get your recently edited notes, along with what event you have on that day. You also get related notes, which shows notes that may have something in common with the note you are viewing.

Agenda offers a two-level folder structure for your notes – the first level being categories, which you can then place projects into. In each of these projects, you can make an entry that is dated, and you can write notes, make lists and more in this. You can also assign tags, meaning that you can easily link notes in different projects together, and those using Agenda for team projects can add people, so they know who is working on what task. Advanced formatting is available in each notes, allowing you to add headers, checklists and much more.

Looking at a note with a tag, checklists and people.
Looking at a note with a tag, checklists and people.

However, Agenda has a lot more power than simply writing notes. When you create a note, it is automatically added to the Agenda. This allows you to keep a record of your work over time. When you work on a note, move it to the Agenda – this allows you to quickly find what you were told to do last week or a few months ago, as you can quickly find when you worked on those notes. Agenda allows you to search by date using prebuilt time ranges, or using custom time periods.

Searching by dates.
Searching by dates.

Scheduling your notes is also available in Agenda – with this, you can schedule notes to appear in the Today section – for example, if you wrote speaking notes for a speech that you had in the future, you could schedule it to appear in the Today view on the day you had that meeting.

For those who need to quickly jot things down, Agenda is perfect – it allows you to keep on top of small scraps of information, and get it when you need it. For those looking to manage larger projects, Agenda may also suit you – it allows you to always find your notes when you need them.

Agenda is free on the App Store, with an in-app purchase for premium features.