DesignEvo – Design Professional Logos Easily

    Logos are a very important part of a brand – you see them everywhere, and often they give you a first impression on what the company is like. Having a great logo is important – and that’s where DesignEvo comes in. DesignEvo makes it easy to design a great looking logo that will allow your brand or project to stand out of the crowd for a low price.

    DesignEvo is a simple to use, yet powerful logo design tool that allows you to easily create logos on your web browser. It comes with an easy to use interface that will allow you to easily make professional logos, and has a catalog of over 3000 premade logos, allowing you to easily start off and edit a premade one. All of this makes DesignEvo great for a person wanting to design a logo who’s never designed anything before.

    One of DesignEvo’s major selling points is the ability to use premade logos. DesignEvo has a huge selection of premade logos that you can take and then customise to your needs. You can filter these premade designs into certain categories like technology and sport. You can also search through the templates for something that you want.

    Once you select a template, or start out from scratch, you can get started on your design. If you select a template, you can enter your company name and slogan and it automatically fills out those spots in the logo. You can also skip this.

    The web interface is really well designed – it’s simple and uncluttered. Using the tabs on the left of the designer, you can select different elements such as shapes, text and icons that you can easily add to your design. DesignEvo has a huge catalog of icons that you can search, and then add into your design. It also has many different text designs you can choose from, including more artistic styles.

    A feature of DesignEvo that I really liked was the ability to preview your logo on various things, such as on a website, notebook and t-shirt, so you can see how it would look in real life.

    DesignEvo’s pricing works of each individual design, with two tiers, starting from $19.99 to $39.99. These allow you to unlock the full resolution download, from 500×500 on the free tier to 5000×5000 on the paid tier, something you’ll need to do if you want to use the logo. The tiers also offer different features, which you can check out on the DesignEvo pricing page.

    If you are looking to easily make a logo, DesignEvo is great. It’s free for the basic user, but you can upgrade if you want to take your logo elsewhere. If you’re looking for a logo maker, you won’t go wrong with DesignEvo.