Aukey SK-S1 Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Aukey SK-S1 is a well-built and great sounding bluetooth speaker for only £28.99. Built out of metal, the speaker looks and feels like it’s a premium speaker. Sound quality is great from the speaker, and for the price, you can’t go wrong with the Aukey SK-S1.

The Aukey SK-S1 has a metal design that wraps around the front and back. The top of the speaker is made of metal, and the bottom is rubberized so that the speaker does not slide around on a surface. It has four small rubber feet that keep it in place. On the top of the speaker there are numerous buttons that allow you to pick up calls, change the volume, change tracks and also pause and resume music. There is also a small light that shows you the status of the speaker, and shows you whether it is connected or not. The quality of the speaker is very good – most of the speaker is built of thick metal, and is quite heavy and feels very well-built. It feels and looks more premium than its price cuts.

On the back of the speaker there is a 3.5mm aux jack, and you can use this with the included aux cable that comes with the speakers. To charge the speaker you can use the micro USB charging port which will give you 8 to 12 hours of usage. The power button is next to the port to charge the speaker.

Now onto the most important aspect of the speaker – sound. The sound is good – there are no terrible aspects, but it won’t blow your mind. The speaker gets very loud, at stays clear to a volume level of around 80-85%, and when you go over this distortion starts to occur. The distortion is not bad though and does not take away any enjoyment of the music.

The bass on the speaker is loud, however I found that it can sometimes overrule the voices in the song or some of the instruments. However, this only happens if you put the speaker really loud which would not usually occur.

In conclusion, the speaker is a great choice for £28.99. You get a good-looking, well-built speaker, good sounding speaker that feels like its well above the price tag you paid. You can purchase it on Amazon here.