Aukey Bluetooth Earphones – A Great Pair of Wireless Earphones That Won’t Break Your Wallet

Aukey is a great Chinese company that makes high quality electronic goods that are fairly priced and aren’t a rip-off. I’ve been using the Aukey EP-B40 bluetooth earphones for a few months now, and I’ve been very impressed. These Aukey earphones offer a great package for £23.99

The earphones ship in a minimal brown cardboard box, which comes packed with useful extras, such as a carrying pouch to protect your earphones when you aren’t using them, and 3 different sizes of earbud size and hook. It also comes with a micro USB charging cable to charge the earphones.

The wide range of earbuds let you select the size that is right for you, and to prevent the earphones from falling out. I use the small earbuds with the medium wing tips, and the earphones don’t fall out and fit great.

The earphones are constructed out of plastic, with magnets that allow you to snap the earphones together when you’re not wearing them. The earphones feel really well made, and the plastic has a nice finished that makes them feel high quality.

The cable itself is quite thick, and seems to be very durable. Below the left earphone there is a controller with three buttons, that allows you to change tracks, change volume, play and pause, accept calls and a lot more. The controller here also allows you to switch between 3 different EQ sound modes, which are treble, bass and vocals. The difference between the sound modes are noticeable, and it’s really nice to be able to change the mode to suit the music you are listening to.

Another impressive aspect of the earphones is that they have a battery life of 8 hours whilst you are listening to music, and 240 hours of standby time. I’ve found that the earphones last a whole week when I use them commuting and throughout the day. Also, they only take 1.5 hours to fully charge, so you won’t need to take ages to wait for them to charge.

The sound quality is good on the earphones – they won’t please an audiophile, however for a normal listener they sound fine. One nice things about these earphones is that you can adjust the levels to your needs, changing between the different EQ levels.

One of my favourite features of the earphones is that you can pair them to two devices. So, I have them paired to my iPhone and iPad, and I can easily switch between listening to audio on both devices. If I’m moving, I can switch to listening on my phone, and when I sit down I can easily switch to using my iPad to listen to music.

I’ve really enjoyed using the Aukey EP-B40 over the past few months. If you’ve been looking around for a cheap but good pair of earphones, the Aukey EP-B40’s are a really good choice. They come with all the accessories you’ll need, and are easy to set up and work well.

You can pick up the Aukey EP-B40’s for £23.99 off Amazon.