Mountie+ – Connect Your iPad as a Second Screen to Your Laptop

Many people want a second monitor for the computer, however the expensive price often puts people off. However, Duet Display allows you to use your iPad or iPhone as a second monitor. Mountie+ compliments that, allowing you to put your iPad beside your computer so it’s easier to use and view as a second monitor. It’s also great to use even if you want to use your iPad as a compliment to your computer, such as using Safari on it for research. The Mountie+ can take any iPad, from an iPad Pro 12.9 inch to an iPad Mini.

The Mountie+ works by having four grips, two which grip to the monitor, and two which grip to the iPad or iPhone that you are using. These grip onto the devices and hold them securely in place. In the packaging, there are many different sized grips which will fit any laptop arrangement, even ones with thick screens. The Mountie+ also features a small cord pass-through, that allows you to plug in your iPad and leave the cord discreetly behind your laptop, tucked away and out of view which is a nice touch.

So, what is the point of a Mountie+? I use Duet Display to use my iPad as a second monitor almost every day. I also use the Roost Stand to elevate my computer, so it was quite awkward as I was always having to look down at my iPad. However, the Mountie+ eliminates this issue as it raises my iPad to the same level as my laptop screen, and makes using it along with my laptop a dream.

The Mountie+ comes with five different thicknesses of grips, that allow you to attach it to nearly every device that is available on the market. These can be easily removed and added to the grip so it’s easy to customize it to the fit of your computer and tablet. To secure the Mountie+ onto your computer, you simply close the clips on the back and it grips securely to the computer, and the same is done to the tablet.

I’ve really enjoyed using the Mountie+. It’s great for having research on whilst writing essays or doing homework, or having Discord up when I play games. Even when I’m video calling on my iPad, it comes in handy. I really recommend getting a Mountie+, especially if you use Duet Display.

You can buy the Mountie+ for $34.95.