A Quick Look At Zipped – Easily Manage Zip Files on iOS

Zipped is a simple iOS app that uses drag and drop to manage zip files on your iPad. By simply selecting and dragging files over to zipped, you can create and name the .zip file, and then save it somewhere in the Files app. Unzipping a file is similar – simply drag it in, and then choose where to save it.

Zipped is a great, simple utility that just works without any unwanted bells and whistles.

Here, I’m making a zip file with 8 images. Using drag and drop, I select them over, and then swipe over to access Zipped. I drop the images in, and it takes a few seconds to download them from iCloud. The app then pops up with a pop-up telling me to give it a name, and I do so. Note that the app comes with the settings with automatic naming, but I changed it to manual naming. Then, Zipped shows the Files pop up where I can choose to save the zip somewhere, or I can use the share sheet and email it to someone or use another sharing app.

Zipped is also great for unzipping a .zip file. Drag it into the app, and the app will ask you where you want to save the contents of the .zip to. Select where you want it to save, and the .zip is extracted to a folder with all the contents of the files in it.

I really like Zipped – it’s simple and it works well, and does what it says it does.

You can pick up Zipped of the App Store for £0.99.

Thanks for reading!