Yoink – A Shelf for Storing Temporary Files and Content

Drag and drop has changed the way many people work on their iPads and iPhone. One of those ways is drag and drop, which allows you to drag files, images and other content types into a different app, like you do on Windows, macOS and other desktop operating systems.

Yoink simplifies the drag and drop experience on iOS by providing a shelf that allows you to temporarily store items such as documents, images, videos and more, allowing you to free your fingers from dragging these things around. Yoink is a convenient shelf that allows users to drag in contents and then do something else, whilst being able to easily access the files stored in Yoink.

Yoink works best as a slide-over app. This is where you simply swipe from the right of your iPad screen, and the app appears overlayed on-top of the current app you are using, whilst still leaving the main app interactive. This lets you simply swipe from the right to access Yoink, so it’s nearly like having a system integrated app.

You can drag and drop any file type into Yoink. If you drag more than one file into Yoink at the same time (so if you select multiple files in the same drag), Yoink adds them in a stack, where you can select that stack and see individual files. You can then drag out individual files from the stack, or if you drag out the whole stack, you’ll get all the files in the stack on that drag. You can also merge two files in Yoink into a stack, by selecting them and tapping on a merge button that adds them to the same stack. Stacks can also be renamed, which allows you to keep track of your files in Yoink with more ease.

Stacks are a great way of keeping track of projects, as they make sure that Yoink doesn’t become a mess of files where you can’t find anything you need.

If you don’t want to use drag and drop, Yoink also supports the share sheet, so you can tap on the share button, and then use the Yoink share extension to add it to the app. Yoink also supports adding from the clipboard, so it can act as a clipboard manager too. Yoink also shows all your stacks in Spotlight, so when you search on your iPad you’ll see results from Yoink, which is awesome.

An impressive aspect of the app is the keyboard extension it provides. This allows you to open the third-party keyboard, and drag in snippets that you have saved to the app. It’s an even more integrated app now as you can access it in any app in the keyboard. You can also select multiple items and stacks in at one time.

I’m really impressed with Yoink. It’s a simple app when you first look at it, but it has very powerful features hidden under the surface. If you are looking for a shelf app on iOS, I would really recommend checking out Yoink.

Yoink is available on iOS for £2.99.