iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit Review

The iFixit toolkit is perfect for anyone who finds themselves repairing their electronic devices, such as phone, games console or computer. The kit includes a precision screwdriver with a 64 bit driver set, items for opening phone screens, tweezers and pliers, and anything you could think of that would aid in repairing your device.

iFixit believes that you shouldn’t through your tech away when something on it breaks. They believe that you should fix it – and the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit allows you to do this. With all the gear you could want to fix anything from a game controller to a broken phone screen, the toolkit will supply you with all the tool you could need.

Let’s get into opening the toolkit up. It comes neatly packed in a cloth wrap, and when opened up you are immediately presented with the 64 bit driver tool set – the star of the show. Opening up the magnetic lid, you’ll see 64 screwdriver heads, and a flexible screwdriver extension, for getting into hard to reach areas. Then, you have the screwdriver. It’s made out of metal, and it has a rotating top so it’s easy to use it precisely and quickly. The driver bits are all magnetic, which is very handy when you are taking apart something like a phone, as you won’t drop and lose the screws. One of my favourite things about the driver set is that the lid has grids in it, and this means that you can use them as a screw organiser so you don’t lose the screws. You can take the entire 64 driver set off, and find a magnetic removable plate, which is useful for keeping small components organised. Everything on the driver set is magnetic and has no hinges, and as it is removable from the cloth wrap so you can easily take it around without carting the wrap around.

The 64 bit driver set
The 64 bit driver set

In the main section, you have an array of tool that will help you open up, and work with your electronic devices. From the right to left, you have a metal jimmy. This is designed for opening up devices that are tougher to open, and can’t be opened with the plastic picks. However, you should try not to use this because it can damage your device. Then, you have a metal spudger, designed for prying, scraping and probing. You then have the plastic spudger, which had a pointed end for prying cables with precision, and then a flat end that allows you to easily remove connectors without damaging them. Then, you have three tweezers. Firstly, you have bunt tweezers that are handy for delicate and precise manipulation. Angled tweezers have precise tips that allow you to easily use it for hard to reach places, and also for more precise jobs. Finally, you have the reverse tweezers. These you compress to open, and when you let go of them they stay closed. These allow you to hold cables or components hand free, so they can save one of your hands.

Above those, you find the opening picks. These are designed to get the screens of your phone or tablet, and are made of thin but durable plastic that breaks before your device does. On the left most flap you will find three blue opening tools, which are also useful for opening screens, and allows you to get more leverage on it. Above these, you’ll find the suction cup. This allows you to remove phone and tablet glass panels easily and without leaving marks. Finally, there is a anti-static wrist strap. With this, you tie one end to your arm, and use the metal clip to clip to a piece of metal that prevents electrostatic discharge that damages your device during repairs.

iFixit also sell smaller toolkits, and the pieces individually if you need them. They also sell device fixing kits – for example a battery replacement kit for the iPhone that includes all the tools you need for that repair, which is very handy.

The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit is an amazing toolkit it you find yourself needing to fix your devices, working on computers, or just doing anything that would require a screwdriver and a few other bits and pieces such as tweezers. I’ve found the opening picks can come in handy in opening the case of a computer or controller, and the 64 driver set is amazing in bike maintenance too. I would really recommend checking out the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit for $59.95.

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