SwiftKey – A Less Frustrating Way To Type on Android and iOS

When I first got my Android phone, it used Google’s Indic keyboard, which was a little bit of a mess, and I didn’t want a keyboard made for typing Chinese. So, I replaced it with SwiftKey, an app that appealed to me because it boasted great autocorrect, and it has typing stats – and I love stats.

SwiftKey is packed with features – from swiping to type to predicted emoji, it offers lots of things that the default Android keyboard doesn’t.

I’ve been using SwiftKey on my phone for just over a month, and I’m pretty impressed. The keyboard has learned how I type, so it can predict what I want to type next with surprising accuracy. It also suggests emoji to use, which is really useful. You can customise everything about autocorrect, switching it on and off, emoji predictions on and off and a lot more in the settings of the app.

Speaking of settings, SwiftKey is packed full of customisation in the settings menu. Customise how much your phone vibrates when you hit a key, voice input, keyboard size, keys and a whole lot more. You can quickly access all these features when on the keyboard by tapping the burger menu at the top left of the keyboard.

One of my favourite features of SwiftKey is hidden away, and you can access it by said burger menu. It’s a clipboard manager embedded into the keyboard. Anything you copy on your phone gets added to it, and an hour later that snippet is deleted. If you want to keep it, you can pin it until you later decide to delete it. If you want to get that snippet back into where you were writing, you can simply tap on it and it is inserted.

Themes are a big part of SwiftKey, and there are hundreds to choose from. From dark keyboards to pretty keyboards with flowers plastered all across them, there will be a keyboard you like that you can download for free.

Use SwiftKey across platforms? You’ll be able to sync your stats and settings by simply signing into the app of Android and iOS, and then all your stuff will be kept in sync, including your stats.

The offline stats in SwiftKey
The offline stats in SwiftKey

SwiftKey is a great free third-party keyboard that is available on both Android and iOS. I recommend you go check it out – after all, its free so you are not losing anything!

Thanks for reading!