Download Entire Pages on iOS with Offline Pages

Offline Pages allows you to download entire pages as you see them on Safari, with all formatting, documents and embedded videos, so you can view them wherever you are offline1. With clever features such as auto update, intelligent link connection and more, Offline Pages is the best solution to view pages offline.

Downloading pages is easy on Offline Pages. Simply go to the page you want to download, and then tap on the box with an arrow going into it. This will bring up a small pop up that prompts you with the page title, as well as where you want to save it, tags and a few more advanced options that I’ll go into below. The default place where the document is saved is the Inbox folder, however tapping on this allows you to choose which folder you want to save into, and you can make as many of these folders as you would like.

There are a few more advanced options that Offline Pages offers its users, and these are what really makes the app stand out. Firstly, there is Auto Update. This allows you to set Offline Pages to update your downloaded page hourly, daily or weekly, so that any new content is added to your offline version of the site. You can toggle a switch that allows you to do the page update thoroughly, but this will take up more bandwidth and will also take up more time.

Auto update settings
Auto update settings

By far my favourite feature of Offline Pages pro is the ability to download linked pages on the main of that site. For example, if I wanted to save an offline version of this site to read on a flight, I may want to be able to view all posts and not just the post introduction. By using the Intelligent download link setting, I could save 50 important links from the page content, not the header and footer. So, as well as saving the landing page, I could save each blog post on that landing page. Then, I can navigate the site like I am online.

Along with these features, Offline Pages also allows you to choose whether to download media, disable JavaScript on websites you download, and choose the browser type – whether it’s the iPhone agent, iPad or Mac agent.

Offline Pages Pro also allows you to split screen with another app, so you can easily refer to an article whilst writing an essay, or using your work website to make a presentation. Speaking of a secure website, Offline Pages also supports downloading pages that require a login and password, and you enter your credentials to enter the site even when offline, which can come in very handy.

I’m really impressed by Offline Pages Pro. I often work offline, and know I can easily download app pages so I can write my posts whilst referring to the app website. If you ever want to download a website and see it offline as you see it online, Offline Pages Pro is the way to go.

You can check out the Offline Pages Pro website here.

Offline Pages is available for iPhone and iPad for £9.992, and on macOS for £23.99.

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  1. This is why Offline Pages is different to Instapaper and Pocket. They download the article view, whilst Offline Pages downloads the page as you see it.
  2. There is a cheaper version for £4.99, but does not have all features mentioned in this post.