V for Wiki – Wikipedia Better Than Ever

V for Wiki is a beautifully made Wikipedia reader for iOS and the Apple Watch. Wikipedia is a great resource for information, however it doesn’t look great and the large paragraphs of text can often make it hard to read. V for Wiki has a beautiful layout and typography that will make you love reading Wikipedia again.

V for Wiki’s homepage is the ‘Most Read’ page. Here, you can see the articles on Wikipedia that have been read the most on Wikipedia, and you can explore these articles and learn more about them. Tapping on an article brings you to the article view page, with the main article image shown behind the name, and then the text below. Options to bookmark the page, search through the page as well as night mode and sharing can be found at the bottom bar of the page.

An article in V for Wiki
An article in V for Wiki

The contents of the page can be quickly brought up by tapping the contents icon at the right of the bottom bar. A menu will appear from the right with all the sections in the article, so you can quickly navigate between them. Subsections are also shown, and are not in bold.

If you are visiting a city that you have never been to, V for Wiki has an awesome nearby feature. This allows you to tap anywhere on a map and discover places that are close by to you. You can also do this according to your location. Arrows will point to cards that show you an image preview of the place, the name, and how far away it is from you. If you ever want to find out more about a building next to you, V for Wiki probably had you covered.

Of course, you can search in V for Wiki. Search results don’t simply bring up the title, but show you an image preview, as well as a snipped from the article itself so you can easily tell if it is the one you want.

Recents and bookmarks are also shown in the top bar. With the recents section, all searches and articles you have viewed are saved in there so you can quickly find them again if you ever need them. If there is a handy article you use a lot, you can bookmark it for even quicker access in the bookmarks section.

An Apple Watch app also comes with V for Wiki, which is actually very impressive. Tapping on the app brings up a search and nearby button, with the option to change which Wikipedia language you are using. After searching on the Watch, tapping on an article brings up the main image and a quick article summary. When you scroll down, you can choose to keep reading the article on your phone.

The Nearby feature is also available on the Apple Watch app, which makes sense. With it, you can simply tap on nearby and view nearby buildings as well as the distance they are away from you.

V for Wiki is a very impressive app, and can be used as a research tool, somewhere to learn things and an interactive travel guide. If you ever use Wikipedia, you should give V for Wiki a go.

V for Wiki is available on the App Store for £5.99.

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