Copied – A Full Featured Clipboard Manager for iOS and macOS

Copied is an application that lets you quickly save text, images, gifs and more from your clipboard. Using Copied, you can quickly add whatever is on your clipboard to the app, come back to it later if you need to. You can then easily copy something you saved back onto your clipboard.

Supporting all the newest iOS features such as split screen, a widget, a custom keyboard that allows you to easily insert items added, and more, Copied is a easy to use app that also offers some very advanced features.

Copied has two panels, the one on the left showing the items you have added in cards. When an item is tapped, you can view the copied data.

Managing clippings

Adding clippings in Copied is really easy and quick. In fact, you could use Copied as a simple note taking app for something you want to be able to quickly access, such as emails, phone numbers and more.

Adding clippings

Adding stuff to Copied is easy, and there is a variety of ways to do it. You can data using the three buttons on the first panel, and then selecting new clipping. You’ll get a blank sheet where you can paste what is on your clipboard, or write a quick note that you want quick and easy access to. If you want to quickly add data from your clipboard, I find that the Today widget is very good for this. Simply tap the plus button on the bottom left of the extension, and you clipboard data is quickly added.

The Copied Today widget. Adding clippings can be done with the plus icon, the clipboard can be viewed with the middle icon, and the clipboard can be wiped using the cross button.
The Copied Today widget. Adding clippings can be done with the plus icon, the clipboard can be viewed with the middle icon, and the clipboard can be wiped using the cross button.

Retrieving clippings

Retrieving clippings is also easy with Copied. If you use the Today widget, simply tap on the copied icon that can be found on the right of any of your clippings to copy it back to your clipboard. If you want, you can open the app and simply swipe right on a clipping, and copy it to your clipboard.

An awesome feature of Copied is its custom keyboard. Simply enable the Copied custom keyboard, and you can add text into any app from it. By tapping on a card, you can insert texts, images and more without moving from the app you are in.

The Copied keyboard
The Copied keyboard

Power user features

Copied contains tons of very powerful features that are neatly tucked away so they don’t disturb the interface of the app, and don’t clutter it up so the app is focused on its core aim. However, if you dig deeper Copied can be a very powerful app that will satisfy people who want to get the most out of it.

Text formatters

With Copied, you can reformat your text using templates. For example, if you have a link, you can reformat that link to be in the markdown syntax. If you don’t find the formatter that you need, you can make your own, or even write your own formatter using JavaScript.

The Copied keyboard

I’ve touched on the Copied keyboard, but I’ll go over it again. The Copied keyboard allows you to insert text directly into a document, by simply tapping on the clipping in the keyboard. You can also reformat text directly in the keyboard by tapping on the curly brackets button, and then on the clipping you want to format.

In-App browser and Copied share sheet

If you want to quickly save multiple snippets of text, Copied has an in-app browser that allows you to quickly save multiple snippets of text, images and links from any page at once. If you don’t to use this, Copied has a share sheet extension that allows you to quickly and easily save images, text and links to it.

Batch copying and merging

If you want to copy multiple clippings in Copied, you can. Simply select the clippings you want, and tap on the Copied logo. The clippings you selected will then be added to your clipboard.

Merging multiple clippings into one is also easy. Once again, select the clippings you want to merge and tap on the third button, which is the merge button. Your clippings will then be merged into one.


Copied is a free app, however a few features are available to purchase. It’s a one time purchase of £2.99, and unlocks handy features such as iCloud, Lists and Rules.

iCloud syncing means that you can sync all your clippings between all your iOS and macOS devices via iCloud.

If you want to store an unlimited amount of clippings, lists are pretty useful too. They are colour-coded, so you can quickly see which list is which, and they can have unlimited clippings in them. For example, I have a list for The Nerdy Student, where I save all my blog related clippings. In this are links to the blog and pages in it, my blog email, header images and more. I can quickly access this list and use these clippings again. In fact, you can tap on the Today widget where it says ‘Recently Copied’ and change list.

Lists seen in the Copied Today widget
Lists seen in the Copied Today widget

Finally, you can write your own rules that allow you to automatically save matching text, links and images in it’s own list, which is quite handy if you save a lot of things related to the same subject.

Copied is a great app if you are looking for something that allows you to quickly access saved information and move it elsewhere, and if you are looking for a clipboard manager. The iOS app is universal, so you can use Copied on both your iPhone and iPad. If you decide to buy Copied+, you can sync your clippings between your devices.

Copied is available on the App Store for free, and is also available on the Mac App Store for £7.99.

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Ease of Use
copiedA great app that makes it very easy to manage your clipboard, and save snippets of text, images, and links for later.