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Managing a busy inbox is often a struggle, with important emails hidden beneath piles of newsletters and promotional emails that you don’t really want. SaneBox filters out unimportant emails from your inbox, and moves them to a folder in your email account. Then, everyday you are sent a daily digest with email summaries for quick processing, or when you have time you can go into the SaneBox folders and read the emails yourself. SaneBox is trained by you, so you can make sure you don’t miss out on any unimportant emails.

One of the great things about SaneBox is that it works anywhere you already check our email, and it works with any email client on desktop, tablet or mobile. This is because SaneBox lives in Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or anything inbetween1.

When you sign up, SaneBox clears unimportant messages and saves them to a folder thats called ‘@SaneLater’. The initial sort is based upon what emails you open, reply to, how often you open those emails and so on (email contents is never viewed or processed, as this is done only with the headers). Once you start using SaneBox more, you can drag and drop emails into the appropriate folder to train those contacts to that folder.

Along with the basic @SaneLater folder, SaneBox allows you to create a folder called @SaneNews. Here, all the newsletters go, so you can jump to this folder when you have time to read your subscriptions.

SaneBox also allows you to use a whole bunch of preset folders, such as ‘SaneBlackHole’, which allows you never to receive an email from a certain sender again2, ‘SaneBulk’, a place where receipt emails and things you don’t need to take actions on go, and much more (see below).

  • SaneBlackHole — Unsubscribe from mailing lists and individual senders
  • SaneSnooze — Defer emails until you’re ready to act on them
  • SaneNoReplies – See outgoing messages that haven’t been responded to
  • SaneCC — Filter all emails you’re CC’d on into a folder
  • SaneNotSpam — Protect against false positives that end up in your spam folder
  • SaneNews — Filter newsletters and other mailing lists into one folder
  • SaneBulk — Collect emails you don’t need to take action upon like receipts and reference emails
  • Custom Training Folders — Create your own filtering options

Those are a few of the preset Sane folders that you can enable along with the standard ‘@SaneLater’. However, Custom Training Folders are pretty interesting. They allow you to train emails to this folder, and you can rename that folder to be for anything you want. For example, you could make a folder for certain types of newsletters, and then move all those senders into that custom folder.

SaneBox folders as seen in Spark for iOS
SaneBox folders as seen in Spark for iOS

Along with smart filtering, SaneBox comes with other very handy features. As touched on before, SaneBox sends you an optional interactive daily digest that allows you to view new messages that are in your SaneBox folder, and you can mark these emails as read, archive them, train them to different folders and so on. This is pretty handy if you want to quickly view your unimportant emails.

If you often get large attachments, you’ll be interested to know that SaneBox has a feature called SaneAttachements, which automatically moves large attachments to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, IBM SmartCloud or Evernote.

SaneBox has very powerful snoozing features, that allow you to snooze emails easily and quickly. If you want to snooze an email to the next day, you can drag it to the ‘@SaneTomorrow’ folder, and the email will appear in your inbox the next day. ‘@SaneNextWeek’ is another folder that can be enabled, and allows you to snooze an email to next week. You can set reminders about emails – simply forward the emails and in the sender field enter the date you want to be reminded, for example Monday at 10 AM, and the write ‘’ at the end. For example, All the emails that have a reminder applied to them appear in the ‘@SaneReminders’ folder, so you can find them quickly again. You can find out more on SaneReminders here.

There are a few other features, such as SaneFwd (which allows you to automatically forward emails) and SaneConnect that people may find handy too.

If you are struggling to get on top of your inbox, get SaneBox now. It’s an awesome tool that can save you up to 2 – 4 hours sifting through your email. SaneBox offers a variety of plans, and these start from $7. The cheapest plans only give you one account and a few smart folders and reminders, whilst the pricier accounts allow you to have loads of smart folders, reminders and connected accounts. You can view the plans here.

Get $5 towards your SaneBox subscription here, along with a 30 day trial.

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  1. Apart from POP accounts
  2. Think of an improved spam folder where you don’t even see the emails.