Mini Metro – A Beautiful Subway Strategy Game

Mini Metro is a management game that has a simple and fun interface. You manage a large city, and you need to make railways that connect stations together and transport passengers around to prevent overcrowding. It’s available for all major platforms, including iOS, Android and desktops.

The aim of Mini Metro is to connect up stations with lines, and to move passengers to the stations they want to go to. Stations are represented as shapes, and passengers are represented by the shape of the station they want to go to. The aim of Mini Metro is to prevent the buildup of passengers at a station, and you do this by connecting more stations and adding more trains. You can also add more carriages that allow you to fit more passengers into a train.

A failing subway

You start out with three lines, and two stations that you connect. When you build a new line, a train is automatically added to that line. As the game advances, more stations appear, and this results in more passengers that want to go to a station. You’ll need to build more lines and add carriages to make sure that stations do not overcrowd. If a single station becomes overcrowded, it’ll start flashing to alert you that you need to do something about it. If you don’t manage to remove the passengers that are overcrowding the station, the game will end. If you do, the game will continue.

Mini Metro is a management game that has simple and beautiful graphics. It has 18 unique maps, and some of them such as Mumbai and Osaka have different trains that you can use. Each map offers unique challenges, which ensures that the game does not repetitive or boring.

Three modes are also offered by Mini Metro, making it even more playable. The first mode, Normal, is the classic mode where stations overcrowd. You then have Endless mode, where stations don’t overcrowd so you can just keep building your metro and you don’t have to worry about overcrowding. Finally, the mode Extreme adds an extra challenge. Normally, you can change tracks and move them around, however in Extreme mode the tracks are permanent. This means that you’ll need to find an even more efficient way to manage your metro, and you’ll have to start thinking about your layout at the start of the game.

Leaderboards allow you to compare your score to the rest of the world, and attempt to reach the top of the leaderboard. A daily challenge is also set, where you have to achieve a certain number of passengers in a certain map. If you play on iOS, ReplayKit is also supported by Mini Metro, so you can record and share your antics.

I’ve really enjoyed playing Mini Metro on all my devices, however I have found that the game can get repetitive after long playing sessions, even though there are so many different maps. Taking a break often ‘cures’ this though.

Mini Metro is a great management game that is available for all major platforms. You can purchase Mini Metro:

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