A few minor changes to The Nerdy Student

I’ve been making a few minor changes to The Nerdy Student here and there, and wanted to share with you what these are.

Read on to find out what has changed!

To the right of posts, you’ll find a how-to tutorial on how to comment anonymously1 with Disqus. I added this as not many people knew how to do it, and this way people can follow the small guide and see how to comment.

It caught to my attention that most of the posts I have done recently are about iOS, so I’ve started doing other posts about web-apps, and about apps that work on both iOS, Mac, Windows and Android to increase my audience. I’ve done Todoist, Trello, Evernote and Opera posts in the past months, and I’m going to keep doing more posts on non-iOS specific apps, and every so often an iOS specific post.

Small changes are also coming to the looks of posts – I’ve customised the look of The Nerdy Student a little, and I’m now using Ulysses to write posts, which gives me a lot more customisation and power over the posts. You see footnotes2 appearing occasionally on my posts – I’ve always wanted to include these, but I used to have to do some difficult things with the post, but now it is a lot easier. I’m debating whether to change some other aspects of post look3, but I’m not sure. If you want anything changed, be sure to comment in the comment section!

I’ve also made a few minor changes ‘beneath the hood’, but above is everything you will see for now.

Thanks for reading!

Feel free to comment below!

  1. With Disqus, you have to select ‘Post as a guest’ at the bottom after selecting the name field. You still have to put in an email address, put you can use a random one if you don’t want to be notified of replies. ↩︎
  2. Like this. ↩︎
  3. Such as post font, etc. ↩︎