Linky: Post to Twitter and Facebook with Simplicity

Linky is an awesome share extension app that allows you to quickly and easily share quotes, websites and anything you find on the internet quickly and easily to your Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Linky is a tool that allows you to share quotes, websites or anything else you find on the internet to your Twitter and Facebook account. You can share websites, quotes, and even text shots with Linky.

To get started with Linky, you simply tap on the share extension and hit the Linky button. The window that pops up will automatically show the title of the page you were on, along with the URL of that page. You can change whatever it says, and you can even tap on ‘Title’ to add the page title, or ‘Link’ for the page link. I find that feature very useful.

One thing that really impressed me about Linky was the way it showed mentions. When I put the ‘@’ symbol, it quickly loaded some accounts I had recently tweeted to, and these updated as I started typing in the account name. Lot’s of widgets don’t have this, and I have found the native Twitter one to be a little hit and miss, so this certainly surprised me.

Another cool feature is that if you highlight text, you can hit share and Linky will add that text into your tweet. You can tap on photos, and Linky will show you your most recent photos. If you share a URL, Linky will suggest a photo that was on that site to add to your post.

This really impressed me – you could convert text into tweet shot. I really like this feature, and Linky makes it look awesome! If your tweets a little too long, you can simply turn it into a tweet shot that looks great, and has all the text you want. This is my favourite feature Linky has!

A useful feature that Linky has is the option to annotate images. I like the magnifier, which you can place over an image to magnify a region you want attention to, and the arrows allowing you to draw attention to other areas of the image.

I really recommend going to the App Store and checking this app out – it’s really good, and I sure love using it! It’s $3.99 on the App Store, and it’s a great app to use. You can check out the Linky website here.

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