PCalc – An Advanced Calculator for Apple Devices

PCalc is a great calculator for your Apple devices, from your Apple TV to your Apple Watch. It’s easy to get going with, but also comes packed with advanced functions. It also has a ton of themes that you can choose from, which include simple to complex, and modern and retro.

PCalc is a great tool for students, teachers, and anyone who requires a calculator. It simple, however it can be as complex as you want it to be. One of my favourite features of PCalc is that you can customize the keys any way you want them. For example, if the 2nd function button is in the wrong place, just hold down on it and move it around. You can customize your calculator to however you want it, and its great. PCalc also allows you to select different horizontal and vertical layouts, and once again, you can edit all of these themes to your hearts content.

PCalc offers an app for the Apple Watch. Whilst I have not got an Apple Watch, so I obviously cannot test it, I’ve had a few watches of videos online about it, and it looks great. It’s a full calculator – and that includes RPN, at your wrist. It looks powerful, and I have to admit, it looks very convenient and useful. It also allows you to convert units on the spot, which is pretty useful – and that includes a tip calculator.

One of the most useful features in my opinion is the slide over mode and the split view. This lets you keep typing or writing your notes whilst having your calculator, meaning that you won’t need to keep switching screens. Its really useful, and a great feature to have. I also love the today widget that PCalc has. You can choose between a simple calculator widget, or a scientific calculator. This is great for quickly swiping down and inputting the sum or equation quickly into the calculator, and I have found it very useful and quick.

Undoing and redoing calculations is very easy with PCalc. Simply swipe left or right on the calculator display to find your past calculations. Its quick, easy and simple, and works great. PCalc also offers a ticker tape, allowing you to keep track of your calculations easy. It’s pretty useful when doing large or multiple step calculations. You can also convert units with PCalc. It comes with a lot built in, but you can add more manually if you want or need to.

All in all, PCalc is a great calculator app. The features mentioned in the post are only some of them, and there are too many to write down. It’s available on the App Store for £7.99, and I really recommend that you go and check it out. It certainly has replaced my physical calculator, and I am pretty sure that it will replace yours too!

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