Power up Your Productivity with Duet Display!

Duet Display is a great app that allows you to use your iPad or iPhone as a second display for your Windows computer or your Mac.

Duet Display is an app for iOS that allows you to use your iPad or iPhone as a secondary display. Just plug your iPad or iPhone into your Mac or Windows PC with your lightning cable, install Duet Display onto your computer, and your ready to go. It takes a short time to set up, and when you have installed everything, it takes a few seconds to use it again.

Now you can take around your secondary display with you; most people take around their iPad or iPhone with them along with their computer, so all you need to take extra is your cable; its just practical. You can also use your iPhone as a secondary display, however I have not been able to test this (I don’t have an iPhone).

Duet Display gives you lots of options; you can run it at either 60 or 30 FPS, so you can be more energy efficient if you need to be, or have your display crisper. Their statement ‘zero lag’ is certainly true; it works perfectly, and really helps to increase your productivity.

Duet Display also allows you to use touch to navigate your second screen; whilst this isn’t my preferred method, it does work well, and I can see the use for it.

I really recommend getting Duet Display; it costs £14.99 on the App Store, and its worth it. It allows you to save a lot of money and not buy another screen, whilst allowing you to set up your duel screen display anywhere. It has not lag, and the support is great. You can write an essay on your main screen, and have your research on your iPad, run Youtube videos on your iPad, or even the full version of photoshop. It’s great, and I can’t recommend it any more. Duet Display works with iPads and iPhones iOS 7 or above, and on Mac and Windows computers. It really transforms your iPad.

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