Learn to Draw with Art Study Online

Art Study Online is a great website to buy courses to learn art, especially for Procreate.

Art Study Online offers a lot of courses, and the Procreate ones are all narrated by Nikolai Lockertsen. They are the ones I’ll be taking a look at. The courses are very easy to follow along, and very understandable. It’s not rushed, and the tutor takes time to explain what he is doing, and how he is doing it.

When you buy a course, you unlock all videos and resources for it; resources meaning special brushes specific to that course. You can add the brushes to Procreate, and the course uses them. Each section of the course is split into sections, making it easy to pick them up, and stop them.

Each video sections is split into a specific bit; for example, sketching the base, colouring it in, etc. The course takes you through the initial layout of the sketch, to sketching it out, then to using Procreate specific techniques, then to finishing it off. You’ll be surprised by how great the picture comes out. The courses can be viewed over and over again; there is no limit to how often you can view each course.

I have never been a great artist, I’ve just enjoyed drawing. However using this course I have managed to create some pretty decent results, which I am pretty proud of. There are three ways you can buy the course; you can buy it online, a dvd, or both the dvd and the stream. You’ll need to check out the website to see the prices on individual courses.

What courses do I recommend? My favourite out of the four courses I have is the ‘Car Trouble’ course. I like the story behind it, and the techniques used. However, I would recommend the Procreate brushes course, as it gives you ways to use the brushed Procreate comes with in ways you would not have imagined. The other courses I would recommend are the ‘Boat Trouble’ and Character sketching courses.

What do these courses require? You’ll need Procreate, and a stylus. My stylus of choice is the Pencil by Fiftythree. You’ll also need to get an Art Study Online account, and buy the courses you want.
I really recommend that you give Art Study Online a go; its easy to use, fun to draw, and will improve your drawing. You can check it out here.

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