Space by THIX: Make Your Own Solar System

Space by THIX is a great app that allows you to create your own solar system and add anything from a black hole to a terrestrial planet.

Space is a great app, and it allows you to add planets and other space objects to an area. It is very realistic, with great graphics. It can help you to understand space, but is also great fun just to muck around in (one of my favourite things to do is place a black hole in the middle of the solar system and then place loads of blue giants around it). There are lots of things you can choose to place in your solar system, from asteroids to neutron stars.

Amazing graphics, and lots of info

The planets and other objects show their orbit, so it’s fun to spawn two black holes near each other and watch them go crazy. It’s also fun to collide stars together.

Colliding some stars and throwing a black hole into the mix

You can also explore other people’s solar systems, which are shown as other stars in the background. Space finds people near you and shows you their solar system, so you can see how amazing or rubbish theirs is, and try to replicate it.

All in all, Space is a great app, which can be used seriously or just for fun. Space THIX is available on the App Store at £2.99. I would definitely recommend it to people interested is space, or maybe if you do physics for GCSE or A Level; or, if you just want to wreck havoc in space. It’s a little like Universe Sandbox, but for mobile devices.

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