iStudiez Pro: A Student’s Dream Planner

iStudiez Pro is a planner app for students that allows you to plan your classes, add your assignments and grades, and a lot more.

iStudiez Pro is a great app that allows students to plan their classes, exams, assignments and track their grades on their iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android and Windows devices. You can check out the iStudiez Pro store here.

Setting up your classes with iStudiez Pro may take some time, but it’s worth it. To set up your classes, you need to go into planner and set up your terms. Once you’ve done that, you can set up your subjects, and then add your classes. Do this for all your terms, and then you’ll see you classes appear in the Overview sections. Here you can see a calendar, with coloured dots to show your lessons, your assignments that are due for today, and your lessons, with teacher, time and room information.

When you get a piece of homework, you can go into the assignment sections, Here, you can add your homework, and give it a subject. One of the features I love is that you can tap ‘Next lesson’ to make it due for the next lesson you have. This is great as it means that you don’t have to route around finding out the date, and I love this little feature. You can also add reminders for the assignment, along with a partner you may be doing the assignment with.

iStudiez Pro offers a sync, meaning that you can sync your data across all devices, from your desktop to your Apple Watch. This is great, as you can add an assignment on your phone, and then access it when you are on your laptop. It also means that you don’t have to input your classes and assignments into all your different devices, and this saves a lot of time. The sync is great and very fast, meaning your assignments, lessons and exams will be across all your devices.

Once you’ve completed that assignment, you may get a grade. iStudiez Pro supports Letters, Percents and Points as a Grading Scale, and you can set this with scales. iStudiez Pro then gives you a score to the right of the subject on the planner view.

iStudiez Pro on Windows

You can also add your exams with iStudiez Pro. Simply tap on the plus button to the right of the timetable title, and then tap on exam. You can add a grade to this too.

iStudiez Pro also offers a sync feature; this means that you can sync your classes, exams and assignments to your other platforms. I’ve found that the sync is very quick, and works great.
iStudiez Pro is a great planner for students, and allows you to really organise your school life and keep track of assignments and results. I recommend you buy it for your platforms, and you can do so here. It’s definitely worth it.

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