Chemist: A Lab on Your iPad

Chemist is an app by THIX which is a virtual chemistry lab on your iPad. It’s great for doing serious experiments, and also mucking around in and seeing what happens when you react one chemical with another.

Chemist is a great app that allows you to do experiment with different chemicals. It shows the reactions given, and also shows you the equation for the reaction.

The THIX website gives you some ideas on how to get started, and you can check them out here. They are really fun to do, and produce really cool results. You can also use the app during your chemistry lessons, to see what will happen in the experiment.

The app sorts the chemicals in different categories, which makes them easy to find, and also shows their name, which makes it quicker to find them. You can star chemicals that you use often, such as water, so that they are easy to find again. When you tap on a chemical, it gives you the solubility, density and freezing and melting point. It also gives you the reactions it has, which can be helpful.

Each reaction shows you what happens, and they all have animations, which makes it appear to be real, and gives you reliable data on what happens.

All in all, Chemist is a really good app. Chemist is available on the App Store at £6.99. It’s almost like the real experience of actually doing the experiment, and I really recommend that you check it out, especially if you are doing something related to chemistry or you’re interested in it.

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