LongScreen: Combine Screenshots

Longscreen is a great app that allows you to combine screenshots vertically or side-by-side, and can come in very useful when you want to share something that’s very long, or when you want to put similar screenshots side-by-side.

LongScreen is a really great app that allows you to merge and combine screenshots into one great thing, making it really easy to share with your friends. It stitches the images together, and makes it very smooth. You may have seen me use it in some of my other blog posts.

LongScreen also allows you to put your screenshots side by side, therefore making it easier to share them, and also allows you to put related screenshots near each other.

All in all, LongScreen is a great app for people who want to share a lot of screenshots and combine them, or share something that is very long. I recommend that you check it out on the App Store here.

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