Code On Your iPad and iPhone with Textastic and Working Copy

The iPad is a great tool for productivity, from writing up essays to coding. If you use GitHub or BitBucket, you’ll know that it can be hard to edit your repositories on your iPhone or iPad. However, Working Copy and Textastic may be the solution for you.

Repositories in Working Copy

Working Copy is an app for iOS that is basically GitHub desktop; it allows you to clone your repositories, commit and lush to them, resolve issues and lots more. You can also edit files directly in Working Copy. It’s a really great app, and I recommend that you get it. Working Copy is available on the App Store at £10.99. There is also the free version, however pushing is locked unless you make an in-app purchase. (I’m planning to do a post on Working Copy, so keep your eyes out for it).

The second app is Textastic. You can read my earlier post on it here. Whilst it’s not vital, it certainly is useful. Working Copy allows you to open your repositories in Textastic, as if they were files from Dropbox or some other cloud storage. This means that you can edit your files in Textastic, and then simply switch app and commit them to your branch.

If you are making a project at school, or just making an app with friends or colleagues, it’s almost certain you’ll be using GitHub or BitBucket. Keep coding wherever you are with Textastic and Working Copy.

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