Cardflow+: Beyond Index Cards

Cardflow is an app for iPad which allows you to make boards and then put flashcards on. It’s great for managing projects, brainstorming, making quote banks and a lot more.

Cardflow+ is a great app that allows you to make flashcards on boards. You can draw and write on the cards, and Cardflow also supports the Apple Pencil. You can also draw and write on the back of the board, meaning that you can separate your cards and other things like that.

Making a card is easy. Simply double tap on the background and the card pops up. You can draw on the card, and you can also insert text. Images can also be inserted. There are three drawing tools; one which has shapes – this automatically gives you a straight line or the shape you drew – one which has a white dot behind a grey dot, and this is draw behind, and one which has a white dot in front of a grey dot, which is just the normal draw in front. The draw behind is a great tool for colouring in, as it means that you do not cover your lines.

I like the way you can have a mixture of text and handwriting in Cardflow. It means that you can really add what you want to the card without the limitations of either text or handwriting.
Cards are also customisable – you can change the template, for example from lines to squares, and you can also change the colour of the card. This helps cards to stand out, and also makes your board a little more lively.

Another great feature is the magic arrange feature. You select the cards, and then you can select how you want them to be organised. You can arrange them vertically or horizontally, as well as shuffling them and many more other arrangements.

Linking cards is also possible with Cardflow, and this means that you can link related cards together. This is useful when revising, as you can see related topics. You can also link cards with exported PDFs, which is a very nice feature.

Cardflow also offers split screen and external keyboard shortcuts, which helps to make cards quicker, and means that your hands don’t have to leave the keyboard to sort out your cards and navigate the board.

All in all, Cardflow+ is a very powerful and helpful app. The welcome board gives you ideas of what to do with it, such as brainstorming and flash cards, but there are so many more ways that you can use the app. Cardflow+ is available on the App Store at £7.99.

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