Omnifocus – Powerful Task Management

Omnifocus is an advanced task management app for iOS and Mac.

Omnifocus is an advanced app that allows you to manage your tasks on your iPhone, iPad and Mac. It has features such as Forecast, Inbox and Context. Omnifocus also has features that allow you to synchronize your tasks over your iPhone, iPad and Mac. The sync is quick and does not produce duplicates of your tasks.

Getting used to Omnifocus does take some time, however it is a very powerful app. ‘Inbox’ is the place to go to add tasks. Then, sort them out later. You can make projects to manage things which require lots of tasks. One of my favourite features of Omnifocus is contexts. Contexts are things that you need to complete the task; for example, you can have a context ‘@computer’, and this means that you need your computer to complete the task. You could also have a context for people, so a teacher for example, that you need to complete the task (if you have to give something in to them).

Forecast is the core of Omnifocus. It is where all your tasks that you need to do for today and that were due in the past go. It also shows a snippet of your calendar in it.

You can also set location reminders. This is useful if you are in school, and you have a location reminder reminding you to give in a piece of work or something like that. The review feature allows you to review projects to make sure you have not missed out on something you have to do.

The location reminders screen

Omnifocus also has an option of different themes, and this means that you can change it to suit how you want it to look. You can also add images and voice recordings to a task, along with notes. You can defer tasks, and you can also change dates and times for the tasks.

All in all, Omnifocus is a very powerful application, and this review only skimmed the top of it. You can find Omnifocus in the App Store for £29.99 here. I recommend that you check it out and see if it suits you and your to do needs. It suits you for both simple needs and complex needs.

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