Make Tasks Fun with Doo

Doo is a fun and attractive todo app for iOS. It presents your tasks as a stack of cards, with a image related to the task at the top of each stack.

Doo is a todo app that makes your todos fun and interesting way of managing your todos. It gives you your tasks as a stack of cards, and has a beautiful illustration at the top of your card which really adds a sense of personality and warmth to your tasks.

It’s really easy to make a task with Doo; just tap on the plus button and type what you want. You can add notes, and you can also add a due date and repeats of the task. You can ‘schedule’ the task by tapping on remind me and selecting how many days you want to be reminded before the task. I would like to see a scrolling date picker here, which would be much more efficient for scheduling your tasks (I’ve contacted the developers about this feature and I’m hoping that they will consider adding it).

I love the way you complete tasks; you simply swipe up when you’ve completed the task. This is fun to do and efficient. You can also swipe down to snooze the task for the next day.

Doo also offers a section for notes. Doo likes you to keep your notes simple, and even gives you editing help if your notes start to become to long. This helps you keep your todos simple, and helps you not get overwhelmed with your notes.

Doo also offers a share extension and a today widget, which are great widgets. With the share extension, you can quickly add something from a website or an email. The today extension lets you quickly see your todos, and also lets you quickly add them.

Doo also offers iCloud sync, which means that you can synchronize your notes to your iPad and Mac from your iPhone, and get your tasks on all your devices.

All in all, Doo is a great and beautiful app that focuses on simplicity and just getting your things done. I love the way it doesn’t overwhelm you with its features, but those advanced features are there if you want them. I’m hoping that they will add split screen support, and that scheduling tasks will become easier. Doo is available on the App Store at £2.29.

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