PDF Expert 5 – Edit and Read PDFs

PDF Expert 5 is a desktop class iOS app that allows you to read and edit PDFs with ease.

PDF Expert 5 is a premium PDF viewer and editor that is available for both iOS and Mac. This review is for the iOS version.

You can watch a quick introduction video on PDF Expert 5 below:

I’ve always been a big fan or Readdle; I bought both Printer Pro and Calendars 5, and they are amazing. I finally got my hands on PDF Expert 5, and its one of the best apps I have ever used.

If you upgraded from Documents to PDF Expert 5, you will be right at home in PDF Expert 5. It has the same layout, and the same look. However, it has more features such as tab view, annotations and markup (I will go through these later).

The app looks great. It has a sharp design, which fits in with iOS 9 and the latest iPads. Its quick and easy to organize your files, and you can quickly search your files, both inside the file, and in the file manager view. Making certain files stand out is easy; you can change the colour background of files, as well as star them to make them easier to find again. I would like to be able to select all files in a folder, or drag for a range though, as this is not available yet.

You can connect cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Box, and this means that you can quickly find your files, and transfer your files from your iPad to them. You can also connect to iCloud, and manage your files through iCloud.

The app has advanced features such as annotation; this allows you to add text to the PDF, highlight it, add comments, write on it, stamp it and much more. It allows you to do anything to it that you could do if the paper was printed, and more. Tab view allows you to have more than one PDF open at the time in a tab, allowing you to switch quickly and easily between them.

Annotation tools

The one standout feature from every other PDF editor and viewer is the markup and preview option. This allows you to change the actual text of the PDF, and then put a red line through the old text, and make the new text blue. This is great if you are giving feedback to one of your friends who is helping you in a project, or if you are a teacher and giving feedback on someones homework. It is one feature I haven’t seen before in any other app, and is really great.

PDF Expert 5 also support other file types, from .docx to .html. This means that you don’t have to have a million and seven different apps for managing your files.

I would really recommend that you go and buy PDF Expert 5 for $9.99. You can find it in the App Store here. You can find a post about PDF Expert 5 here.

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