Panel Tabs: Put Your Chrome Tabs into Floating Panels

Panel Tabs is a great free Chrome extension which allows you to place your tabs into a separate floating panel.

Panel Tabs is simple and easy to use; simple click on the Panel Tabs icon when you are on the tab you want to float, and then click ‘Pop this tab into a panel’.

The tab you had open will go into a floating window. You can minimize the tab, close it and put it back into a new tab on Chrome.

To put it back into Chrome, simply click on the Panel Tabs extension and then click ‘Put back’. The tab you had in a floating windows will go back into Chrome.

You can have more then 1 tab in a floating panel (all the tabs go into a separate floating panel), but I have not tested the limits of the amount of tabs you are allowed.

Panel Tabs is great when you want to take notes on a Youtube video, or when your are referring to an article. It’s also great if you want your social media in a separate window.

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