Use RescueTime to Track Your Productivity

RescueTime is a great application that allows you to track how productive you have been, and see where all your time goes.

RescueTime keeps a running tally and logs all the sites an programs you go on, then gives a productivity score. It rates apps such as Twitter and Youtube as ‘Very distracting’ and apps such as Evernote and Microsoft Word ‘Very productive’. This can be changed in the ‘Categorize activities’ list. The most productive days of your week are highlighted.

RescueTime gives you detailed statistics of how long you spent on each app, if you were on your computer for longer than you were yesterday, and how much (or less) productive you were then yesterday.

It also has a Premium account which you can purchase, which allows you to use ‘Focus time’, which blocks distracting webpages, and ‘Offline time’, which allows you to log what you were doing when you were not on your computer.

All in all, RescueTime has really allowed me to see where I have spent my time, and how productive I have been. I recommend that you try it out!

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