The Ecosusi Design Cable Travel Organiser

A cables bag is a great way to keep your cables together, so you can always find them, and you never lose them.

The bag I will be reviewing is the Ecosusi Design Cable Travel Organiser.

The Ecosusi Design Cable Travel Organiser is a small and compact bag that allows you to keep all your cables together. It fits USBs, cables and plugs. Its comes in useful when you’re traveling, as you don’t have to search around for individual cables. It also means that you won’t lose your cables after putting them down somewhere.

It also has a pouch for a hard drive (which I use to place plugs in), and in that pouch a SD card slot. The bag is great quality, and fits more than you think. It also is quite small, so it will fit in nearly any bag.

The bag compared to a one pence coin

There is webbing in which you can place USB chargers and USB sticks.

The Ecosusi Design Cable Travel Organiser is a great bag, and I would definitely recommend that you check it out. You can get it for £11.58 off Amazon.

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