Make Great Looking Mind Maps with XMind

XMind is a great tool for making mindmaps and diagrams. 

With XMind, you can make mindmaps, cause and effect, tree diagrams, timelines and more. Its free to get, and you can also purchase a Plus and Pro version. Just to tell you before the post, I am using the XMind 7 Beta. There is not much of a difference, except the new beta looks slightly different than the current version.
The XMind interface
XMind is simple and easy to use. To make a ‘topic’, you press enter. To make a ‘sub-topic’, you press tab. There are also loads of other features, like summaries, clouds, and notes.

XMind also allows you to do grids, fishbone diagrams, and many more really easily. There are also premium features, such as clip art, brainstorming, exporting to different file types, and many more. 

A mind map in XMind
You get 3 versions of XMind; Free, Plus and Pro. Plus will set you back £54, and Pro will set you back £69. You can check out the comparisons here.

You can also share your mindmaps with the XMind library, and one of my favourite features is the ability to save your map to Evernote. This saves me loads of time.

Saving to Evernote
All in all, XMind is a great tool. You can use it online and offline, and if combined with Evernote, you can access your mindmaps anywhere.

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