Chat to Your Friends Using Pidgin

Pidgin is a great tool for bringing all your chat services to one place. You can connect is with services such as Facebook Chat and Google Hangouts. Group chats can also be added.

Pidgin is a great tool for Windows which allows you to chat to your friends on loads of chat sites. You can be chatting to a friend on Facebook, getting work off a fellow student on Google Hangouts, and be involved in a thrilling group talking about your History project all at once.

Pidgin is easy to use, and it only takes a few seconds to set up your Facebook Chat or many others listed. By the way, to get Facebook Chat up and running, you need to download and add this plugin.

The Pidgin interface (this looks slightly different on Windows 10)

Once everything is going, Pidgin runs really smoothly and works very quickly. Its great for seeing who’s online and keeping all your chats in one place.

If you’re a Mac user you can find the alternative to Pidgin here.

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