The Moleskine Voyageur: A Perfect Travel Companion

The Moleskine Voyageur is a great notebook to record your travels. It is very durable and is the right size to be both useful and portable. It can be bought for $24.95 (£19.99) off the Moleskine Store.

As with most Moleskine notebooks, the packaging has a ‘B-Side’. On this Moleskine, it has ‘I am here’ on the B-Side. The idea is the you take a photo with it, tag it with #m_ iamhere, and share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Google+.

At the front of the notebook it has travel information, such as your details, emergency numbers and time zones. One of the first things that you might notice is that it has 3 bookmarks. You use these bookmarks for each of the paper sections; lined paper, dotted paper and plain paper.
I use the lined pages for travel info and writing up what I did. I use the dotted pages for places to see, eat, etc. I also use it to draw the local area in a map. I stick the MSK templates and other things which need sticking into the blank section.

At the back of the notebook, you can find detachable packing and todo lists. The notebook also comes with stickers, which you can peel off and stick anywhere.
The MSK is a digital tool Moleskine has designed which allows you to convert websites to fit into your Moleskine. Simply copy the URL into the box (see below) and then choose what format you want, and what image you want it to show, and then print it and stick it in your Moleskine.

The Moleskine Voyageur is a great tool for traveling, in which you can record your experiences, track your packing and travels, and much more. I would definitely recommend that you take a look at one and purchase it, if you travel quite a bit. Even if you don’t travel, the combination of lined, dotted and plain paper can mean that it is still a worth the while purchase for you. You can get it of the official Moleskine Store here.

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