Moleskine Ballpoint Click Pen Review

The Moleskine ballpoint pen is a great tool. It easily clips onto your Moleskine, allowing you to always have a pen with your Moleskine.

The pen costs $14.95 (£12.99) on the Moleskine site. You can buy it here. It is made out of plastic, and has a steel clip which you can clip to your Moleskine.

The Moleskine ballpoint pen is nice to use, but takes some time to get used to due to the odd rectangle shape. The ink flows very nicely, and feels great to use. Below is a comparison of a Lamy Vista ballpoint, a Parker Jotter and the Moleskine ballpoint.

Writing with the Moleskine pen

The Moleskine Jotter is a great size too, and it fits well onto your Moleskine, whether Pocket or Large size. The Moleskine I have it on is the Moleskine Voyageur, which is a medium size. Your Moleskine will still fit in your pocket, even with the pen on, as the pen is quite slim. Below is a comparison of the Moleskine pen, a one pence coin, and the Lamy Vista ballpoint.

The pen also comes with stickers, which you can stick to it to decorate it.

Of course, the ink is replaceable. To replace the ink, locate the hole at the top of the pen. Then, get an object which can get into the hole and push down. The clicker should pop out.

The pen clips easily to your Moleskine, but it does damage to it, which in the long term, can really damage your front covers inside.

After clipping the pen on my Moleskine Voyageur for the first time, damage is done

That is one of the major problems. On my Moleskine Passion Book Journal, the front cover card is extremely damaged.

All in all, the pen is nice. The only bad thing is that it damages the Moleskine’s cover, and it is a tad overpriced for a plastic pen, but it is offset by the practicality of having your pen on your Moleskine all the time.

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