Make a Penholder for Your Moleskine

    Moleskine’s are great tools, but to use one, you need a pen. Sadly, Moleskine’s do not come with pen holders. You do have the option to buy a Moleskine pen (which I will review), but you can also make a quick and easy penholder. Read how below.

    Image guide (click to make larger)

    You need 5 things:

    • Moleskine
    • The pen you want to use
    • Some card (or hard paper)
    • Sticky tape
    • Scissors

    Firstly, see how big you pen is. Put the card around the pen, making sure you are able to slip the pen in and out.

    Once you have the size right, stick down the excess card. Now you have a hoop for the pen. Make sure that it won’t break in two seconds. Then, put the pen holder over the back pocket, which, of course, is at the back of the Moleskine. Fold the excess card or paper into the back pocket. If there is still some card left, you can fold it over again in the back of the notebook. If you want to make sure the pen holder doesn’t move, you can tape it down (or use blue tack) but this can damage the back pocket.

    Tada! A pen holder! I hoped you enjoyed this guide!

    Thanks for reading!

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