Keep All Your Research in One Place with Mendeley

Mendeley is software that can help you to keep track of your research and citations.

The Mendeley logo

Mendeley for Windows

Mendeley is a tool which helps keep track of all you documents, and it also allows you to annotate and highlight them. You can also generate citations from your library. You can also get a plugin for Microsoft Word, which allows you to insert citations from any document from you library. You can get a ‘Add to Mendeley’ bookmarklet for your browser, but I’m hoping that they will make a Chrome extension. I’m also hoping that they will integrate with Evernote.

Mendeley for Microsoft Word (plugin)

You can also get Mendeley for Android and iOS. Your library syncs across all devices, which means you cann get your documents on your phone and tablet.

Mendeley for iPad

Mendeley is a really great tool. It looks nice, works well, and is great for managing your citations. I definitely recommend that you download it today!

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