PhraseExpress – A Text Expander for Windows

PhraseExpress can save you hours of typing.

PhraseExpress is a text expansion tool for Windows. It autocorrects, corrects your spelling, a smart typing feature which monitors often typed phrases and predicts them as you type and a clipboard manager which shows recent items in the clipboard.

PhraseExpress can save you lots of time whilst typing. Along with the autocorrect, prediction and clipboard manager, you can make your own phrases that you use a lot. To do this, I advise that you make a folder called ‘Phrases’, where all the phrases you make will go into.
After you have made the folder, select it, and click ‘New Phrase’. Then, enter the text you want in the Phrase Content box. Then, title it accordingly. The Autotext box is the key. In there is the text that you will use to trigger the text you put in the Phrase Content box. I always add a # infront of my Autotext phrases, so that when typing I will not accidentally put the text in. Make sure the Autotext is something simple and memorable. 
Once complete, simply enter the phrase and then press space, tab or enter.
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