Make Flashcards with Studyblue

    Studyblue is a great tool to make flashcards.

    With Studyblue you can make flashcards which then you can study and get stats and results on how you did.

    Making cards with Studyblue is easy. Simply click on ‘Make Cards’ in the top left, and start typing.

    You can find matching cards on the right, and this can be really helpful. Make sure you name your flashcards and save them.

    Once you have created your flashcards, select them choose whether to study your flashcards as cards, a quiz or to review a sheet.

    Once you have studied your flashcards, you will get a summary. It tells you what you got right, gives you some stats, and you can choose whether to study the wrongs again.

    All in all, Studyblue is a great tool for studying and for making flashcards.

    Thanks for reading!

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