Customize Your Desktop with Rainmeter

    Rainmeter is a free tool for desktop customisation.

    Rainmeter is a free application for Windows which allows you to customise your desktop. You may think that you can do this with the Gadgets which are built into Windows, but Rainmeter allows you to go far beyond these basic tools.

    You can download hundreds of free skins, and you can combine them or choose a layout.

    You can have gadgets showing the weather, your unread emails, feeds, the music you are playing and many, many more. You can have it simple or complex. Most themes can be found on deviantArt, but here is a full list of them.

    The most popular skins are Enigma and Elegance. If you would like to know what skins I have used, feel free to comment!

    All in all, Rainmeter is a great tool for making your desktop look better and be more functional.

    Thanks for reading!

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