Never Have to Worry About Losing Your Important Files with Cloud Storage!

    Cloud storage is great for students, as it means all your work is safely backed up, and accessible from anywhere. I especially love it because if I forget some work at home, I can just print it off at school.

    There are many companies offering cloud storage, and the main ones are Box, OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive. Below, I will compare the storage size they offer, the file size limit, and the size of boosts you can get. Below is a detailed list of the bigger cloud service providers.

    My favorite cloud service is Dropbox, but due to the limited space limit, I use OneDrive for nearly everything. I currently have 200 gigabytes of space, as I got 15 from camera upload, and I have joined special events which have given me 100 gigabytes each.

    Box is free for anyone, and its great for collaborating. It allows you to comment on files, add tasks, share files with other people and get notified when the file changes.

    Box is great to use with Office 2013, as they offer Box for Office, which adds a location to your Microsoft save areas. You can also download Box Sync, which syncs your hardrive and Box together.

    Box is best for businesses, as it allows you to password protect files and choose who you share folders with.


    [ Changes have been made to OneDrive: Only 5 GB space for free, and no camera upload bonus ]

    OneDrive is already built into Windows 8 and 10 computers, and gives you the most free space for free. When you install OneDrive for mobile, and switch on photo backup, it gives you 15GB, which would give you a total of 30GB.

    OneDrive also offers loads of free bonuses, and the two latest ones will give you 100GB of space each.

    Dropbox is the largest cloud storage provider as it is simple, easy to use, and its sync is extremely quick.

    You can add any file type to Dropbox, either through the website or the desktop app. There is no size limit on the files on Dropbox, but if you’re a free user your file size will probably be limited by Dropbox’s 2GB free space.

    Dropbox does allow you to get more space for free; if you participate in the getting started tutorial, you get 250MB, and if you connect your social media you get 250MB per each one. If you refer a friend, both you and the friend will get 500MB if they sign into the web version and install the desktop app. You can keep referring friends up to 16 GB.

    I use Dropbox to store important PDFs in, and I use my IFTTT recipe (below) to automatically send my Notability notes to Evernote with Dropbox.

    IFTTT Recipe: Notability to Evernote connects dropbox to gmail

    Google Drive
    Most people will have experienced the irritation of attempting to add a file which is too big to an email. If you use Gmail, you will be happy to know that you can add files to an email you might be sending via Google Drive.

    Google Drive comes with 15GB of space, which is shared over the cloud drive storage, Gmail, and Google+. In my experience, Google Drive does not give out much free space, and when they do it is usually only around 2GB (which is still a lot of space!). If you create something using Google Docs, Google Draw, Google Slides or Google Sheets, the document will not take any space out of your storage.

    All in all, I think that cloud storage is a great way to store stuff you don’t want to lose it to a dreaded hard drive crash. It also means you can access it across all devices, and that you don’t need to worry about losing or forgetting that important document.

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    Feel free to share your opinions on cloud storage in the comments section below!