Easily Make Great Looking Infographics with Piktochart

    Ever wanted to quickly make beautiful diagrams or infographics? I suggest you try out Piktochart. Its easy to use, and gives great results. There are many free templates, and its easy to put together your own.

    The User Interface of Piktochart

     After you’ve signed up, you will appear on the templates page. Simply select a template and then get going.

    You can add pictures, themes, text, and then spruce the up with great tools such as picture frames and text frames. Its also easy to add interactive charts and maps, and also embed videos.

    Piktochart also gives you the option to export your Piktochart to popular services such as Evernote and Slideshare (this is only available with a Pro account), and also to email them or share them with popular social media.

    One of my Piktocharts

    Piktochart is a great tool to quickly make enticing infographics that can grab attention and can transform boring information or numbers into great looking pieces of ‘art’.

    Feel free to share the links to your infographics in the comments section below!