Use Prezi to Make Engaging Presentations

    Prezi is a easy to use piece of software that is available on the web and for tablets.

    The Prezi logo

    Prezi is great for making engaging presentations quickly and easily.

    In Prezi, you don’t have slides. Instead, you have one ‘board’ where you link together information which zooms in and out. Its simple and easy to use, and there are lots of help guides.

    An example of the user interface

    I prefer Prezi to PowerPoint as I find PowerPoints boring, and a bit old fashioned, and it takes longer to make the animations look professional. whilst I find Prezi quite impressive, as it can look very well done, but only take you a few minutes to put together.

    Prezi is a great application and I recommend you take a look at it. It also offers software for PC and Mac, but you need to have a Pro account to be able to make Prezis on them.