Make Great Publications Using Lucidpress

    Lucidpress is a great tool that I use. I use it to make magazines, brochures, postcards, and it includes many other templates.

    The Lucidpress logo

    I choose using Lucidpress over Microsoft Publisher 2013 as I found the templates on publisher did not look very good, it had no collaboration feature, and it was clunky to use. Lucidpress is easy to use, has great templates for both free and Pro users and also has real time collaboration.

    Lucidpress user interface

    One of the best things about Lucidpress, like Lucidchart, is that it offers free accounts for students and teachers. This enables you to get more templates, history, analytics, better support, custom font embedding and much more. You can find the comparison of plans here.

    Lucidpress is a great application. You can only use it on the web,

    which means that you cannot use it offline, and Lucidpress does not have a mobile application. Even though it has these cons, it is a great app and I recommend you try it out.

    Lucidpress and Lucidchart are made both by the same company, so I would recommend checking out Lucidchart. You can make graphs, mock ups, mind maps, and many more.