Saturday, 7 May 2016

Everyphoto: Never Forget Your Evernote Photos

Everyphoto is an app for iOS that allows you to search your photos via category or content. It allows you to view and share you notes from inside the app.

Everyphoto is sort of like Pinterest but for Evernote; it lets you browse your notes by category and to view them and search them.

It can be found on the App Store for $1.99. When you download and buy it, you simply need to connect it to Evernote. The app comes on showing your latest images you have put into Evernote. The search is very powerful, and allows you to select what notebook you search in and also allows you to select if you want to only search tags, title or body. For example, if you search 'architecture' all images in your account come up which relate to architecture; houses, plans and that sort of thing.

I searched stylus, and the results came up showed three pictures of a stylus and some notes written by a stylus.

I also searched notes, and some of my notes written in my Evernote Moleskine came up.

Search results are ordered by latest image, and you can tap on the image to bring more details up about the note, and you can also share it and do more actions with it. However, I have often found that it takes a very long time for the note to show up in the view, and sometimes it does not show up after all.

Everyphoto is a really great app which will add to the functionality of Evernote, and will make finding notes with images much quicker. There is both an iPad and iPhone version, so it will work on any device you have. I recommend you go and check it out!

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Everyphoto was given to me for free to review on this site.

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