Saturday, 20 June 2015

Save Time with Do!

The Do apps are a collection of apps made by IFTTT.

You might have read my previous post about IFTTT. If you already use IFTTT, or have seen Do apps on the Appstore, you might know what I am writing about.

The Do collection contains three apps, all which can be downloaded separately. The apps are Do Button, Do Camera and Do Note. They are currently available on iOS and Android.

On each app, you can have unlimited recipes, and you change between them by swiping. This means that you can easily and quickly change the recipe you want to use.

The apps have all of the Channels IFTTT has many of the popular channels such as Dropbox, Evernote and OneDrive. This means you can still use your favorite services with the Do apps.

> Do Button

Do Button allows you to set up a trigger which allows you to do something at the tap of a button. You can enable or disable your houses alarm, you can turn your heating on or off, you can send a clip of your location to Evernote, and you can also make your own recipes or use thousands of the public ones already published. Check out my favorite recipes below:

IFTTT Recipe: Log a map of your location connects do-button to evernote

> Do Camera

Do Camera is probably my favorite out of the three apps. It allows you to take photos and automate what you might manually do next. My favorite recipe is where the images are automatically sent to the email addresses you place in the 'Send to' box, in which I have placed my close family members email addresses in. This means I can take a photo, and it will automatically send it to my dad and mum. So, instead of taking it with the native camera app, opening email, attempting to attach the image, typing the emails into the address bar, and then tapping send, I can tap once and it is sent. You can check out my favorite recipes below:

IFTTT Recipe: Share family-friendly pics over email connects do-camera to gmail

IFTTT Recipe: Save pics in Dropbox connects do-camera to dropbox

> Do Note

Do Note allows you to quickly type out a note and then tweet it, email it, add it to Evernote (or your favorite notetaking app), or any other services Do is integrated with. Check out the ones I love below:

IFTTT Recipe: Save short notes on the fly connects do-note to evernote

IFTTT Recipe: Post a quick tweet connects do-note to twitter

All in all, I think that the Do apps are great for saving time. I would recommend that you try them out.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Love the add location to Evernote! I can see everywhere I have gone!

    1. Thats one of my favorite Do Button recipe too! Thanks for reading! :D

  2. I have just changed a bit of the post with an update. IFTTT recently announced that you can now have unlimited recipes.